Our Club's Mission: Engineer a world for a positive future.


Our aims:


  • Protect our planet for future generations

  • Build a better community with those who are near and far

  • Inspire a future generation of innovative engineers

Below you will see how we are going to achieve these aims with 10 Community Projects over the next two years, these were chosen by our student members.

Specific details of each project will be revealed on their own page once completed.

Project 1

Supporting those in Need

We want to dedicate our time to those who are more unfortunate than ourselves.

Project 2

Sharing Culture and Learning Together

We live in an interconnected world where we have common goals with people from other cultures.

Project 3

Sustainability Education

We live in a world with limited resources and aim to educate others about choices we can make.

Project 4

A pollution free community

We aim to improve our environment for the people and wildlife that live within it.

Project 5

Combating Climate Change

We aim to reduce and offset our climate impact where possible.

Project 6

Protecting wildlife

We want to improve the habitats and futures of organisms we share our planet with.

Project 7

Inspire future engineers



We want to get younger people involved with engineering and show them how fun it is.

Project 8

Developing engineering skills

We aim to develop engineering skills in young people across our community.

Project 9

Promote engineering careers advice

We want as many people to consider engineering as a career as possible.

Project 10

Develop engineering across the curriculum

Engineering is everywhere. We want to show young people and their teachers how exciting it is.


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