An amazing weekly meet!

This week our students from both teams got stuck into a range of activities to prepare for the finals.

Planning their time is big part of what we now do with only four weeks to go!!

Robot Design

Both teams were working on altering their robot chassis. This included changing the structure to make sure there was a better centre of gravity to prevent tipping. This also helps with autonomous mode as the main functions of the robot are centrally aligned making the coding simpler.

To improve our robots we annoyingly have to keep taking them apart and undoing our beautiful work first...

We saw upgrades to the lifts, from strings to chains...! This adds its own challenges but we used Rev Robotic videos such as this:


Online videos have been a life saver for our Rookie Teams. We plan on making our own to share for tips and tricks we have picked up to help new teams next season!

We also were working on improving our capstone designs with our new 3D printer.

We were using https://www.tinkercad.com

Thanks for reading hendecabots and Barry Bots!

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