Thank you ULTRA

This week we went to seek support from our biggest partner to date, locally based FTSE 250 company: ULTRA.


Ultra, Energy is a global engineering and design manufacture leader with just over six decades of experience designing for heavily regulated markets, such as nuclear, aerospace, oil and gas, and more. They develop sensors, instrumentation and control, and PCB electronics for harsh environments and mission critical applications when safety and reliability matter.

Our two teams, Barry Bots and Hendecabots worked together and spent the week producing their presentation and practising on others.

The teams were given the middle of Friday off of school (Thank You Mr Jones). We went to ULTRA’s site based near us and all of us were impressed by the facilities and our welcome.

We presented our FIRST journey so far, and how we were seeking support for not only our trip to the FIRST UK Champs, but also our club in future seasons.

We explained how we are #morethanrobots

We went through our experiences so far and explained the amazing engineering skills we have gained from our club. This also includes producing our brand, social media presence and marketing to raise money.

We outlined our 10 Project Plan, our set of student designed initiatives we will implement over the next 2 seasons (see our webpage for details).

Among the spectators was Dan Upp, President of ULTRA himself over from the USA.

The ULTRA staff were impressed by our teams’ passion, engagement and success in their first year.

They were also impressed how our teams were planning for the future and how we aimed to add up to 20 more girls to the club to help them become #morethanrobotsuk.

We got a brilliant talk by the company President himself on the amazing things ULTRA does and how they need innovative engineers like our Team Members in future.

A brilliant day, thanks to ULTRA for inviting us. We found it nerve-wracking, inspiring and exciting all in one package.

We will be revealing next week the fantastic package of help ULTRA will be providing to help our teams be a #forceforchange in years to come.

Hendecabots and Barry Bots

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