Welcome to our Digital Engineering Lab!

Over the past 18 months we have converted an unused space into a fully equipped digital engineering lab.

With help from our community and sponsors we are gradually getting better equipped to face the technical requirements of the FIRST Tech Challenge.

The home of our FTC Teams, the Lab is an adaptable teaching space that can be used to build and program our robots.

It also houses plenty of other physical computing equipment used by our school's computing lessons and our teams to conduct their outreach work with the community.

This includes:

- A full class suite of Raspberry Pi computers with touchscreens;

- Electrical components for students to build circuits

- 3D Printer

- Workbenches for working with materials

- Class sets of micro:bit computers

- micro:bit Robots

- Lego Mindstorm EV3 Robot Kits

- Internal Private Server

We are continually looking to improve this space for our teams and our outreach visitors!

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